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Critigen Extends Energy Portal Leadership with GreenUp DC Portal

Green Up DCDENVER, April 19, 2012 - Critigen congratulates the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) in Washington DC on its recent deployment of GreenUp DC, ( a first-of-its-kind website helping residents and businesses plan renewable energy, energy efficiency and stormwater management projects. The site helps DC-area property owners plan a portfolio of projects to reduce their energy and stormwater footprints, and help them understand project impacts including installation, energy production, and cost savings.

GreenUp DC is part of a multi-pronged effort by DDOE to incentivize private property owners to install green infrastructure on their property. In addition to property-ownerfacing tools and information, the GreenUp DC portal provides DDOE managers with statistical reporting on green energy performance and stormwater reductions. These tools help the DDOE comply with its legal obligations to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and be transparent and responsive with up-to-date counts of the number, type, and location of installations, carbon savings, and other metrics.

Christophe A.G. Tulou, Director of DDOE, described GreenUp DC as a key element of their strategy to engage and educate District residents on ways in which they can incorporate sustainable practices in their daily lives. "One of the fascinating things about the GreenUp DC tool is that it provides an opportunity to see the benefits of greening your home before making an investment," says Mr. Tulou. "Our residents are being engaged, educated, and empowered to reduce their environmental impact and, at the same time, save money."

DDOE hired Critigen, the world's leading developer of Solar Maps, to build the portal using Critigen's acclaimed solar mapping framework. GreenUp DC extends Critigen's solar mapping tools to support other renewables, energy efficiency measures and stormwater management. Program information, education, detailed visual shading models, aerial imagery and financial calculators help engage and educate while demystifying key elements of sustainable living.

Critigen and its partner CH2M HILL built and incorporated the world's first web-based stormwater project planning tools to support DDOE's efforts to mitigate runoff and support the District's Riversmart Homes program. Critigen program manager Bruce Taylor described the completed work as, "a milestone in raising homeowner awareness of the options for reducing their environmental impacts that helps all District residents better understand the benefits of environmental sustainability."

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