Lemur™ Corporate Map Integration Platform

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A Configurable Platform for Enterprise Mapping in Apps

Critigen’s Lemur™ technology brings the power of business-centric mapping to the apps your company uses to get work done. Business-centric mapping brings systems of record together on a map to provide real workers with the information they need, whenever and wherever the job requires.

Critigen Lemur LogoThese maps are based on Esri technology, but eliminate the need for you to do any GIS programming. Just add a new Lemur™ configuration or update the values in the existing configuration to add new map layers, define how to connect business objects (like Work Orders and Notifications) to GIS features, and define which features are shown and what attributes are visible.

Standardizing your organization on Lemur™ for mapping apps brings a host of benefits in addition to the app-level benefits of configurability and rapid deployment:

  • Reduce costs and increase productivity by providing map usage patterns already familiar to users.
  • Deploy new apps and offline capabilities starting with an existing organizational template.
  • Reduce complexity in your GIS by using Lemur™ Geocache to support offline modes in all apps.

These apps are ready for use in the real world. Lemur™ Geocache helps you manage the amount of GIS data sent to each device, prepares it for offline use, and limits the impact to your enterprise GIS so your GIS team just keeps working. Geocache is used across multiple apps to support offline use in a single, standardized location for all Lemur™ apps. Since Lemur™ uses real Esri GIS, there's no need to worry about incompatibilities or disconnects with your corporate GIS.

Lemur™ Geocache Benefits

  • Offline, online, and hybrid modes are supported
  • Manage offline cache size on mobile device with custom GIS dataset management
  • Minimizes impact to existing enterprise GIS

This platform seamlessly integrates with the applications you already use for day-to-day business, including asset maintenance and management apps, mobile apps, and field data collection and assessment apps. Whether you buy these apps from a vendor, or build them in-house, Lemur™ provides future-proof control, configuration, and capability for geo-enabled capabilities in mobile your mobile applications.

In contrast to custom GIS programming or using retail-grade mapping solutions, using Lemur™ provides the following benefits:

  • Receive regular maintenance/upgrade releases from Critigen
  • Modify the map with configuration changes – no programming required
  • Configure the map, mappings, GIS layers included, without code.
  • Upgrade or modify the map independently of the apps it's embedded in
  • Upgrade your apps without having to upgrade the mapping component
  • Reduce cost and risk by eliminating the need for GIS developers
  • Insulates you from Esri SDK version changes and end-of-life: You configure Lemur™, Critigen provides support and handles new versions of the Esri.
  • Benefit from pre-built asset-management-specific tools and models
  • The same Lemur™ configurations can be used on any platform and across multiple apps
  • Your vendors can become Lemur™ resellers and embed Lemur™ in their apps with relative ease
  • Developer customizing through Lemur™ API are configurable via the Bundler

Using Lemur™ for Custom Apps

  • Bring on-prem or in-the cloud to reduce IT Infrastructure complexity/OH
  • Configure Geocache to communicate with your existing GIS Server
  • Leverage GEO.e, GEF, or a custom mapping of SAP-GIS objects
  • Developers use the Lemur™ API to customize the user interface and available actions
  • Developers write custom code to handle actions defined in the configuration
  • Developers define data sources and rules for mapping of GIS objects to business objects

Critigen Professional Services are available to assist with implementation.