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A Configurable Platform for Mobile Geoenablement

Critigen’s Lemur™ technology brings the power of business-centric mapping to the apps your team uses to get their job done.

Business-centric mapping is the linking of business data and GIS data to provide workers the information they need, when and where they need it, all on a map.

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These business-centered maps are based on Esri technology, but eliminate the need for you to do any GIS programming. Just add a new Lemur™ configuration or update the values in the existing configuration to add new map layers, define how to connect business objects (like Work Orders and Notifications) to GIS features, and define which features are shown and what attributes are visible.

Lemur™ is available for use in a number of real-world scenarios. Explore the options below for more information.

Custom Apps

Innovapptive mWorkOrder

SAP Work Manager


Corporate Map Integration Platform

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Mini Case Study

Mobile Asset Management for Electric Distribution

As part of a leading Canadian electric utility’s enterprise mobile workforce modernization project, Critigen implemented an enhanced map control with offline capabilities that allows workers to visualise and manage SAP assets and work locations. As part of SAP’s Work Manager™, the map seamlessly integrates with the mobile workflow to streamline work activities and better manage assets.

Working Smarter — Viewing assets on the map enables field workers to see assets in their true location relative to connected assets and customer locations.

Better Information — GIS and SAP data is synchronised nightly and delivered via Critigen’s Lemur™ Geocache as an offline cache to the mobile device, allowing workers to click on the map for timely asset information. 

Saving Time — With a single application for mapping and work, crews can spend less time on the screen and more time installing and maintaining electric assets. Office workers can spend less time re-keying information from paper forms, with a 6-month reduction in processing time.