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Geospatial Consulting

Build problem solving, innovative applications with Critigens proven consultants and agile methodology.

Services Highlights:

Custom consulting including Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, Governance Framework Adoption and Adaptation, Visioning and Strategy Development, Needs assessment, Requirements Definition and Capability Design, Program Management.

SAP work manager

SAP Work Manager co-developed by Critigen and SAP.

Enterprise GIS Critigen GIS consultants advise our clients on geospatial strategy and enterprise GIS implementation. A full lifecycle approach means Critigen consultants are prepared to implement all aspects of a geospatial program.

Application Development Critigen’s consultants will transforms complex analytics, data processing into applications that are easy to navigate and understand.

3D Visualisation and Scenario Building Make Civil Infrastructure come to life during the design phase. Critigen takes the high-value approach of leveraging actual design drawings and documents to render realistic 3D visualizations. This smart approach makes multiple revisions easy, and contributes to the long-term data integration goals of projects.

Executive Advocacy and Return on Location™ Recommend and articulate the value of enterprise spatial investments using innovative return-on-investment (ROI) techniques.