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Critigen offers a combination of consulting led solutions and custom support.  Please click on the menu on the right hand side of the page to know more.


Primavera P6 Consulting
Maximise your investment with local application support and custom training. Install and configure new systems. Minimise downtime with local support. Critigen’s Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) consulting services provide just what your team needs to implement, integrate and support your Primavera P6 solution. We want to work with you and understand your specific needs and tailor the best solution for you. Features: Strategy and Architecture P6 and Programme...
P6 GIS Integration
Identify “Unknown Unknowns” Integrate your projects with location and sequence plans to improve performance, safety, and simplify compliance. By integrating your project in geographical context you will be able to identify "unknown unknowns" that would not be immediately apparent in a spreadsheet type interface; or an activity plan that contains thousands of tasks. Click the image below to see a larger version…
Lemur UI Mockup
A Configurable Platform for Mobile Geoenablement Critigen’s Lemur™ technology brings the power of business-centric mapping to the apps your team uses to get their job done. Business-centric mapping is the linking of business data and GIS data to provide workers the information they need, when and where they need it, all on a map. These business-centered maps are based on Esri technology, but eliminate the need for you to do any GIS programming. Just add a new Lemur™ configuration...
Digital GIS
Location Integration Integrate enterprise systems with location and create knowledge to improve performance, safety and simplify compliance. Some of the benefits of location integration: Extend your existing GIS with applications that unlock business value across your enterprise. Build the foundation for a successful innovation program that will engage your teams. Transfer ownership to your own team or continue to engage with Critigen for service management and ongoing support...
Drone Data Management
Enhance Your GEO Applications with Drone Data Working with your Drone data, Critigen can build search and browse geo applications that enable rapid identification of features and specific playback of critical survey information. Image courtesy of Team 2100 Flight path and video playback from drone.
Esri Apps & Templates
Take advantage of the latest Esri pre-built configurable templates and maps and utilise Critigen's consultants to rapidly deploy proven solutions in your enterprise. Advantages Cross platform multi-device support built in - your app will work on any device, tablet, PC and smartphone. Use code that is robust and shared amongst community. Focus on customize and configure rather than start from scratch. Click on the sub menu to the right and browse specific offerings.
Build problem solving, innovative applications with Critigens proven consultants and agile methodology. Services Highlights: Custom consulting including Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, Governance Framework Adoption and Adaptation, Visioning and Strategy Development, Needs assessment, Requirements Definition and Capability Design, Program Management. SAP Work Manager co-developed by Critigen and SAP. Enterprise GIS Critigen GIS consultants advise our clients...
Imagery Analysis
Analyse your imagery to identify key changes in your borders, vegetation and agriculture. Rapidly identify vegetation encroachment on your assets and devise a mitigation plan. Extract key information to feed 3D Visualisation that supports better decisions. Critigen's services will provide end to end analytic capabilities to maximise the investment you have made acquiring imagery.
Virtual Office
Test your planned upgrades and future implementations with Critigen's Virtual Office services. Using cloud or your own environment, Critigen will fully test and deploy to the exact specifications of your production system; so that you can have peace of mind when you “go live”.
P6 - GIS Heatmapping

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