Corporate Security & Resilience

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Corporate Security & Resilience

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

The old adage rings true with emergency and crisis preparedeness for the private sector.

  • Improve employee safety with better security and crisis preparedness.
  • Provide more detailed information on project locations and risks and increase confidence.
  • Connect stovepiped systems by location and simplify operations.

Explore menu on the right to learn more about tracking and managing your assets, building base maps of facilities and key sites, siting CCTV cameras in best location and using situational awareness applications to understand your operations.

Mixed Oxide Fuel

Case Study

Critigen provided consulting, engineering and design services for CCTV Surveillance, Electronic Intrusion Detection, Access Controls and Contraband Screening at the US Dept. of Energy MOX facility at the Savannah River Site, Aiken, South Carolina, 2011 to 2016.