asset management


asset management

Integrated Solutions Dashboard for Airports (ISD)

Connecting airport managers and staff to their vital enterprise systems at a glance. Integrated Solutions Dashboard for Airports (ISD) is a web and mobile-based system that connects airport managers and staff to their vital databases and operational systems at a glance. Through ISD's "Command and Control" view, users coordinate with mobile devices, manage operations, or simply assess a particular...

SAP-GIS Integration - Building a Business Case

Integrating GIS to SAP has many advantages to an organization’s GIS team, its SAP user base and the enterprise bottom line. Defining the expected benefits in your organization and understanding the requirements of integrating to SAP are the first keys to a successful integration. The first thing to consider for GIS teams looking at integration is the scale at which SAP is deployed. SAP...

Innovapptive, Critigen Announce Technology Partnership

Innovapptive and Critigen Announce Technology Partnership to Enable Geospatial System Integration Across Their Enterprise Asset Management Portfolio Innovapptive Inc., a leading provider of SAP® Mobile and User experience software and solutions, and Critigen, a full-lifecycle spatial systems integrator, today announced a technology partnership in geospatial integration and mobility to deliver...

The Three Pillars of an Integrated Asset Management Platform

Integrating ERP systems with GIS brings significant return on investment through improved insights, business process, and data optics.

Asset Management & Tracking

Our services will enable you to: Track and analyze key assets as they travel the globe. Provide mobile solutions for employees that inform on project information at their work locations. Receive updates from the field and display on shared map.