Esri Roads and Highways Implementation

Critigen, through its Esri Platinum Partnership, offers Esri’s Roads and Highways product which helps transportation agencies manage their geographic information, visualize trends, and publish useful maps. Esri Roads and Highways implementation, organized around road and highway safety and maintenance activities, can transform your ArcGIS environment to support your transportation workflows....

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water (SS & SW) is a iOS mobile application that provides map-based access to sanitary sewer and stormwater infrastructure and facilities. Users can easily display and manage assets, collect/edit data, and delineate "redline" areas of interest. The application supports point, line, and polygon feature editing as well as the ability to attach photographs and videos. It...

Medicare Mapper

Medicare Mapper quickly and easily illustrates geographic patterns in the Medicare hospital inpatient expenditures and exemplifies the power of location analytics to make ‘big data’ meaningful. With Medicare Mapper, consumers see where people in their area go for services, providers see where their patients live and the relative amount of services they received. Based on the Hospital Service...

GIS Map is your Universal User Interface

Looking for a more meaningful way to view data from multiple sources in a single place? Wish you could pull your project data together like Google Maps brings together information on all sorts of businesses, traffic, terrain, and other than location? Companies are increasingly turning to cloud-based map applications to visualize information from design, right of way, permitting, scheduling,...

Critigen Develops Web-Based Tool for Complex Fish Habitat Modeling

Denver-based spatial solutions consultant Critigen, working with Downstream Strategies, has developed a web-based mapping tool for modeling fish habitat based on hundreds of different habitat variables. The Fish Habitat Decision Support Tool was developed through a public/private partnership lead by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and is based on modeling work and initial development...

Critigen Situational Awareness

A Customised Solution Improve your decision making and situational awareness. Using Esri's solution templates as a foundation for a fully customised solution, Critigen can deploy on premise or in the cloud with Microsoft Azure. As a Microsoft Partner, Critigen can provide a complete service that complies with your security requirements. Click the graphic to see a larger...

Esri Apps & Templates

Take advantage of the latest Esri pre-built configurable templates and maps and utilise Critigen's consultants to rapidly deploy proven solutions in your enterprise. Advantages Cross platform multi-device support built in - your app will work on any device, tablet, PC and smartphone. Use code that is robust and shared amongst community. Focus on customize and configure rather...

Collector for ArcGIS

Reduce data duplication and paper based workflows by deploying Critigen's services to set up a Collector for ArcGIS workflow. Utilizing Esri's Collector, Critigen will review your current workflows and recommend opportunities for greater efficiency. Image courtesy of CH2M Team 2100

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Monitor your daily operations or special event with Esri's Operations Dashboard. Critigen will integrate real time feeds from multiple sources to create and deploy a system that supports better decisions and provides one version of the truth. Ops dashboard displaying social media and other operational layers.

Workforce for ArcGIS

Improve coordination of your field staff and drive efficiency by reducing data silos. Using Workforce for ArcGIS Critigen will help you identify new opportunities to streamline your field activities across industries such as Utilities, Construction and Public Safety.