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Webinar: Put A Map In Your App 2

Mar 19, 2015

Put A Map In Your App. What’s New with SAP Work Manager

March 19, 2015

12:00 PM EST

Efficiently managing and maintaining geographically dispersed assets is a standing challenge in many industries. Adding a seamless integration of spatial data from geographic information systems (GIS) to your SAP® mobile applications such as SAP Work Manager® or custom SAP Mobile Platform mobile applications unlocks a step-change in operational excellence that drives significant increases in Wrench Time, Customer Satisfaction, and Compliance, as well as decreases in Windshield Time and Work Backlogs.

Are you ready to unlock the value of this technology? If so, join an upcoming webinar with SAP and Critigen.

Critigen is an expert at enabling organizations to execute their business more efficiently by better levering spatial data; as an Esri Platinum Partner and SAP’s co-innovation partner for the geo-enablement of SAP Work Manager, we have leading-edge skills and experiences in delivering this functionality for customers. Discover the power of extending your SAP application into the world of Geographic Information System (GIS).

In this session, SAP will present a high-level product overview and roadmap for SAP Mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Field Service solutions including SAP Work Manager. Additionally,Critigen will demonstrate available Esri®-based GIS integration and functionality with SAP Work Manager 6.2. Finally, the mobile EAM experts will outline how the SAP supported framework for making enhancements to the out-of-the box functionality, e.g. adding geo-fencing, live data streams such as telematics, drive time filtering, and dynamic map-based forms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn available GIS integration features
  • Understand the value proposition of seamless GIS integration
  • Experience intuitive map-based user interfaces


Erik Schrampf - SAP Mobile EAM and Field Service Solution Owner

William Griep - CRITIGEN Technical Director

Sven Bergstrom - CRITIGEN Global Vice President SAP Sales

SAP Work Manager

SAP Work Manager