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Anticipating ArcGIS for Server 10.2

Posted by Rob Grabarek on Jul 17, 2013

Esri User Conference 2013At the 2013 User Conference, Esri showcased updates and advancements to their server and desktop products. The upgrade from ArcGIS Server 10.1 to 10.2 will be automated and will offer a host of new functionality particularly in the areas of administration, database support, and security.

A revamped site administration interface brings enhancements in service publishing from ArcGIS Desktop. Data store settings are now available for viewing directly in the desktop software, and a new services workspace tool clearly identifies where the server’s data sources for each map and feature service. New tools for server control will be available through a RESTful API while new Python utilities can be leveraged to build on the caching enhancements from 10.1. There will also be greater backup and restore tools to reduce the amount of downtime in the event of data loss.  For the end user, a new portal view makes out-of-the-box service and application sharing easier to understand.

As the ArcGIS for Server product enters the 10.2 release, there will be a wider range of support for various database formats. Users can now read and write directly to databases through ArcGIS Server services, even if the database is not SDE-enabled. Esri will also make it possible to read and enable feature access based solely on the SQL Spatial type. This will allow for access to more data with a map service, even if database configuration does not allow for the installation of SDE within a given data source.

Security is a concern for websites with sensitive data, and the new release of Esri ArcGIS Server will offer many options for authenticating users. Users can now take advantage of a single sign-on experience by integrating ArcGIS Server with Windows Active Directory, including nested groups. Windows credentials will then be passed via ArcMap and ArcCatalog so that no other logins are required. For users outside the organization, two instances of the Web Adaptor can be installed to allow for public access to certain services while simultaneously allowing secured access to other data sources with approved logins. ArcGIS for Server 10.2 also includes built-in support for Public Key Infrastructure as that technology becomes more widely used.

More details on 10.2 functionality by product edition (Basic, Standard, Advanced) is available from Esri here.


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